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Re: [jgit-dev] JGit slow?

I guess I never understood those arguments (and probably never will). If users are reluctant to switch to newer software (which includes a newer JVM and a newer Eclipse), then that's of course up to them. Let them stay on Indigo or whatever and when they do, let them take the consequences of that. Why would they be refuse to switch the JVM while at the same time demand a switch to the latest JGit? Are there really people like that out there? And if there is, by what right do they prevent needed improvements on the tool? After all, it's not like the current version ceases to exists. It's still there, but like with the 1.6 JVM will in February, it has reached its EOL and is no longer developed.

- thomas

On 2012-12-19 23:19, Matthias Sohn wrote:
2012/12/19 Shawn Pearce <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> We are missing the local mode optimization. Doing it the way CGit does
> it from Java will be difficult, CGit uses filesystem hardlinks to
> efficiently copy object and pack files on the same filesystem. Java
> doesn't support these.
> It does in Java 7, on filesystems that support it:
> And Java 6 will reach EOL in two months according to Oracle:
> Not saying that it should be abandoned but would moving to Java 7 in newer
> releases of jgit be problematic?

JGit still targets Java 5... :-)

We might be able to step up to a minimum of 6 or 7 based on the
minimum version of Java required to run the oldest Eclipse version
EGit supports.

with EGit 2.2 which I will release today the minimum Eclipse platform version is Indigo (3.7.2).
I checked the minimum Java version required by Indigo platform bundles:

org.eclipse.core.resources     J2SE-1.5
org.eclipse.osgi                     J2SE-1.5

org.eclipse.core.filesystem    J2SE-1.4            J2SE-1.4
org.eclipse.equinox.common  J2SE-1.4

org.eclipse.core.runtime         J2SE-1.3
org.eclipse.ui                         J2SE-1.3
org.eclipse.swt                      J2SE-1.3

so it looks like EGit 2.2 's Eclipse platform needs at least J2SE-1.5


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