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Re: [jgit-dev] plexus-archiver as optional "jgit archive" dependency

Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

> plexus archiver 2.2 is available:
> commons compress 1.3 is available:
> I would prefer whatever is the lighter weight dependency, which is probably
> commons compress (which supports external file attributes).

I've put up an RFC using commons-compress:

For simplicity this is as an actual dependency rather than an optional
one.  I haven't made my mind up about whether that's good.  I was
tempted to make archive formats for "jgit archive" into a kind of
plugins and just have one format (e.g., tar) built-in as a demo, but
there's also something to be said for the intuitiveness of letting
commons-compress take care of it all.

Anyway, thoughts welcome.


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