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Re: [jgit-dev] Release 2.1 ahead

2012/9/5 Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
We scheduled the release review for releasing 2.1 for Sept 26
so that we can ship it with Juno SR1 on Sept 28.

I will fork the release branch and generate the IP logs soon. After that
we can only accept committer changes for 2.1 since we don't want to
amend the IP logs during IP review.

I created the drafts for New and Noteworthy pages for release 2.1

Please help to enhance these New and Noteworthy pages.

I generated the IP logs for 2.1 and sent them for review.

I also forked the corresponding release branches "stable-2.1".
From now on we can only accept committer changes for 2.1
since we don't want to amend the IP logs which are in review now.
Push committer patches which should reach 2.1 to refs/for/stable-2.1. 

I'll finalize the 2.1 release document [1] tomorrow and then send it to PMC
and EMO for review. Let me know if you have any updates.

Also the New and Noteworthy wiki pages [2] need a few more updates.
If you have any updates for the user guide [3] do them soon, I target
to tag 2.1 Tuesday next week (Sept 18) since Wednesday is the last
chance to update our Juno SR1 contribution.



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