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Re: [jgit-dev] Pending changes for stable-2.0

2012/5/28 Kevin Sawicki <kevinsawicki@xxxxxxxxx>

I just retargeted several changes from master to stable-2.0 that I would like to see considered for inclusion in the 2.0 release. : Ensures source jars are built for all modules making it much simpler to upload to Maven Central : Update smudged entries when the index is written : Don't discard file mode and length when doing a mixed reset : Support gitdir: references from BaseRepositoryBuilder.findGitDir() : Update ORIG_HEAD when doing a reset : Only increment mod count when packed-ref file changes.  We have made fixes to EGit to prevent stack overflow errors when the refs are read on the same thread that is receiving an onRefsChanged callback.  This will fix it at the JGit level by preventing continuous event loop firing when the packed-refs file is racily clean. : Special case file mode handling on non-executable file systems when merging

all these changes have been merged in the mean time :)


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