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Re: [jgit-dev] offtopic: integrating jgit into tycho build timestamp generation logic

Yes, it is for committed files only, at least for now.

I need timestamp of the most recent that touches files under project
basedir and skip commits that touch files in other projects only. I also
need to be able to ignore certain files even if they are committed. Is
there a way to do this without walking everything?

I plan to warn or fail the build if there uncommitted or unstaged
changes, but I want to get basic functionality working first.


On 12-06-01 3:06 AM, Alex Blewitt wrote:
Is this for committed files only? If you don't need to track
uncommitted files then simply look at the time stamp of the commit at
the head of the tree instead of walking everything.

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On 1 Jun 2012, at 04:08, Igor Fedorenko<ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

I apoligise for an offtopic post, but I wonder if somebody with jgit
experience can review/comment on my (most likely clumsy and broken) take
on integrating jgit into tycho build timestamp generation logic [1].
There is rather lengthy discussion of what this code is expected to do
in CBI bugzilla [2], but in short, the goal is to retrieve timestampt of
the most recent commit that leads to the current HEAD and touches one or
more files under project basedir. Thank you in advance.


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