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[jgit-dev] core.streamFileThreshold and large objects

When reading a LargePackedDeltaObject it usually (or always?) results in
a hang, hence I'd prefer to not use this code at all. To achieve that I
could increase the streamFileTheshold to Integer.MAX_VALUE. On the other
hand, it makes sense to stream a LargePackedWholeObject. So what about
introducing a system property in PackFile which avoids instantiation of
a LargePackedDeltaObject, basically:

if (sz < curs.getStreamFileThreshold() || (delta != null && SYS_PROP))
  data = decompress(pos + p, (int) sz, curs);

and some fixes to not catch OOME at #decompress?

Personally, I'd always have that property enabled as even an OOME is
better than a hang.

Best regards,
Marc Strapetz
syntevo GmbH

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