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Re: [jgit-dev] Development Roadmap

2012/5/9 Nabeel Ali Memon <nabeelalimemon@xxxxxxxxx>

I've been sneaking around the JGit project which has, of course, by far been _the_ Java library for Git that's being used by many big/famous projects. But what's been unclear to me is the roadmap of this project. I mean of course the primary objective of this project would be to provide the Java implementation of the original CGit project but:

* Is there any check-list of features being maintained somewhere? 

look at Gerrit [1] in order to see work in progress, look at Bugzilla enhancement requests [2]
to find out what users asked for, probably you can find some more searching the jgit mailing list [3]
* Besides providing the Java counter-part of CGit, what are the other original targets of this project?

I think this is already a very challenging agenda. AFAIK the following projects are the main
drivers for new JGit features: EGit, Gerrit Code Review, Orion 


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