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Re: [jgit-dev] exception when adding big files (urgent)

On 03/15/2012 03:19 PM, Shawn Pearce wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 01:52, Markus Duft <markus.duft@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> with current jgit/egit master (yes, we're stupid enough to run live builds productively :D).
> I too run nearly live JGit builds in production servers handling a lot
> of user traffic. You aren't alone. This stupid CRLF bug is in my
> environment. IMHO it also never should have gone into the repository,
> there is no sane reason for CRLF handling to be so damn special that
> support for it has to be wedged into the low level ObjectInserter API.

hahaha, good to hear that - someday maybe we should go drink a beer ;)

back to serious... :) i saw you already reverted the change; i just ran all the tests again on my version (with the test i wrote for big files still being in there), and (of course) it works again. in the meantime, i have rolled out my (now abandoned) fix to our productive environments, so i'm good for now, but i will look into getting the "real" fix out asap.

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