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[jgit-dev] Consuming Maven artifacts at Eclipse

Hi everyone,


we (project “Stardust”) are right now in the process of setting up our build process in the Eclipse environment and are facing crucial problems concerning the planned consumption of Maven artifacts – and you seem to be developers of a project which is an Eclipse project based on Maven. Therefore I’d like to ask you for help.


To my understanding Eclipse is currently setting up a Maven repository that contains all artifacts from project ‘Orbit’ so that they can be retrieved from there since using  the Maven Central repository is out of the question according to Wayne Beaton (“Sorry, but obtaining dependencies for distributable Eclipse content from Maven central is a no-no.”, Browsing through the open ‘Dash | Maven’ bugs revealed that there is a discussion about changing the Maven coordinates of the artifacts that should be published to the Eclipse Maven repository ‘Orbit’ (e.g. from ‘commons-logging:commons-logging:1.1.1’ to ‘org.apache.commons:org.apache.commons.logging:1.1.1’) – which means that an incompatible naming scheme will be introduced that prevents one from using the ‘Orbit’ repository in addition to another Maven repository. I agree that the coordinates must be adjusted since the artifacts in ‘Orbit’ are not identical (artifacts in ‘Orbit’ are signed, for example) to the ones in Maven Central – but that should be done such that Maven is still able to identify related artifacts in order to be able to do conflict detection and resolution. Hence, I filed bug #371475 since it’s vital for us and our customers that we’re able to consume artifacts from ‘Orbit’ as well as other Maven repositories (please see the bug description for details).


You seem to use the common Maven coordinates in your project as well (e.g. ‘com.jcraft:jsch’ instead of the Orbit coordinates ‘com.jcraft.jsch:com.jcraft.jsch’). That’s why the following questions come to my mind:

·         Don’t you retrieve your Maven artifacts from ‘Orbit’?

·         Are you planning to move to ‘Orbit’?

·         Do you have your own Maven repository where you get your artifacts from?


By the way, if you think the planned naming scheme doesn’t make sense, I’d really appreciate your comments on the bug mentioned above.


Thanks in advance,



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