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Re: [jgit-dev] OpenSSH System Settings

>From what I've found out so far, I would propose the following approach to load system-wide SSH settings:

1. Try to load /etc/ssh/ssh_config using FS.resolve(null, "/etc/ssh/ssh_config").

2. Try to load $(gitPrefix)/etc/ssh/ssh_config using FS.resolve(FS.gitPrefix(), "etc/ssh/ssh_config"); msysgit reads ssh configuration data from this location.

3. In case a different prefix and/or sysconfdir has been set during ssh installation, it's difficult to find the file. Thus I would propose to introduce a property (jgit.ssh.sysconfdir) that can be used to define the correct directory.


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I would like to enhance OpenSshConfig (and JschConfigSessionFactory) in a way that also general system settings are taken into account, i.e. configuration data specified in /etc/ssh/ssh_config. What would be the best approach to load this file? What about Cygwin installations?

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