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Re: [jgit-dev] Duplicated changes in Gerrit

As long as a proper fix is pushed I'm cool as I don't really care who prepared it. I do believe it was a coincidence, doing it on purpose would be a waste of time for both initial contributor and a comitter. Maybe it's just me but what worries me about the pending changes list is that some of them get no attention ([1][2]...)  while others, like the "list tags" issue which already already 3 almost identical changes [3][4][5], get it to much.

From my side, I will pay more attention to not get in somebody's way and add Robin as a reviewer when in doubt :)


[1],4036 *
[2],4022 *

* No surprise these are both mine ;)

On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 21:44, Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Matthias Sohn skrev 2011-12-06 15.56:
2011/12/6 Tomasz Zarna <tzarna@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:tzarna@xxxxxxxxx>>


   I've just noticed,4727 which looks
   to me like a dupe of,4718. It's not
   the first change I need to abandon, because a committer has created a
   similar change some time later and merged it [1][2]. Is this part of
   the process? It's starting be really frustrating. I'm fine to give
   away the change to someone else, but I'm getting tired of looking for
   the dupes.

no, this shouldn't be part of the process, also it's not in our interest
to frustrate nice contributors by creating dupes, I think there is enough
work around for everybody who wants to help bringing the project forward.
I think this is caused by unfortunate coincidence and a long list of
changes pending in review.

We made these changes close-in-time, which may be the reason I didn't notice
your change. I did it for only for testing,4726 ,
and then it felt natural to push it, forgetting that you already had pushed
a similar change.

I abandoned that change now and pushed it with a fix and the attribution to you
if that's ok and targeted it for stable-1.2.

For simple changed I don't think we can guarantee this won't happen again. We
do need to get the change list shorter.

-- robin

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