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Re: [jgit-dev] release 1.2 ahead

On 11/29/2011 06:37 PM, Kevin Sawicki wrote:
Yes, I would like to get these EGit changes in:

http://egit.eclipse.org/r/#change,4628 - Support dragging files in the repo view
http://egit.eclipse.org/r/#change,4632 - Allow proposed branch names to contain slashes
http://egit.eclipse.org/r/#change,4622 - Show Annotations on older revisions

I would add one bug fix for sync view and two new features for compare editors into this EGit wish list:

http://egit.eclipse.org/r/#change,4402 - update sync destination after fetching changes
http://egit.eclipse.org/r/#change,4196 - move chunks between working tree and index in compare editor
http://egit.eclipse.org/r/#change,4239 - move chunks from HEAD to index in compare editor

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