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Re: [jgit-dev] DiffEntry.scan ignores executable bit changes?

Stan Chen skrev 2011-10-20 00.50:
Hi Everyone,
I'm still new to the open source world so I hope this is the right place
to post about issues like this.  From a recent clone of the jgit source
(1.2.0 I believe).  The DiffEntry.scan method appears to be filtering
out files with no content(sha) changes.  This is causing changes to
executable permissions on a file to be missed in differences.  Normal
git diff on two commits will report permissions changes but the jgit
command line will not which I think stems from here.  I've gone through
the contributor guide wiki page and did a search on the jgit bugzilla
project and wasn't quite sure how to proceed from here... Any advice
would be greatly appreciated.

'tis simple. You have identified a problem and it is reasonable to think that you have also identified the location of the bug.

Now extend the unit tests with one that fails because of this. Then fix RenameDetector.sameType and verify that the this and all other tests fails. Commit.

Perform some additional monkey testing where the rename detector is expected to be used until you feel comfortable that everything is ok.
If you find additional bugs, try to fix them as separate commits.
Push to gerrit for review.

-- robin

PS. Please use plain text unless you really need to supply useless inline HTML links.

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