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[jgit-dev] DiffEntry.scan ignores executable bit changes?

Hi Everyone,
I'm still new to the open source world so I hope this is the right place to post about issues like this.  From a recent clone of the jgit source (1.2.0 I believe).  The DiffEntry.scan method appears to be filtering out files with no content(sha) changes.  This is causing changes to executable permissions on a file to be missed in differences.  Normal git diff on two commits will report permissions changes but the jgit command line will not which I think stems from here.  I've gone through the contributor guide wiki page and did a search on the jgit bugzilla project and wasn't quite sure how to proceed from here... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Stanley Chen

 else if {!entry.oldId.equals(entry.newId) {
	entry.changeType = ChangeType.MODIFY;
	if (RenameDetector.sameType(entry.oldModeentry.newMode))

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