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Re: [jgit-dev] Maven 1.0.0 artifacts?

If one of the JGit developers has a few minutes I would really
appreciate if the 1.0.0 release jars could be put on the Maven
repository.  I've been delaying release of my software pending this
version and I'd really like to release this weekend.  I specifically
need JGit core and JGit http.

If this gets done could that person reply with the version number that
was published?  While I'm sourcing from the Maven URL, I'm not directly
using Maven to retrieve and Eclipse doesn't allow web-navigation of
their artifacts so its necessary to know exact version number (i.e., or whatever).

Thanks again,

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 20:22 -0400, james.moger@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Sorry to bother the dev mailing list, but would it be possible to have
> the 1.0.0 artifacts pushed to the maven repository for Indigo's release
> tomorrow?
> Related - the JGit download link on the download page (backed by Maven
> repo, I think) is broken.
> Thanks,
> James

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