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Re: [jgit-dev] [Vote] Matthias Sohn as JGit project lead


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> Subject: [jgit-dev] [Vote] Matthias Sohn as JGit project lead
> I would like to invite Matthias Sohn to be one of the project leads
> for JGit.  Apparently you can't do this sort of vote via the portal,
> so committers, please reply and +1/-1 if you agree/disagree.
> Here's my rationale for why, and why now:
> Since the project officially started at Eclipse, Matthias has been
> incredibly helpful at trying to keep patches moving through review,
> organizing paperwork for the foundation, and helping to keep the
> all of the releases somewhat on track.
> Right now I think we're largely behaving like Matthias is one of the
> project leads for JGit.  I think we should correct the foundation
> metadata and make it that way.  If the vote carries I will email EMO,
> point to this thread, and ask for the update to be made.
> Chris Aniszczyk pointed out there is no practical difference between
> project leadership and committer.  Eclipse projects run by committer
> consensus, and not "benevolent dictatorship".  But project leads
> get the mundane job of maintaining records for EMO, and preparing
> docuware for project reviews.  Matthias Sohn has been doing this for
> the JGit project for quite some time.
> So, in a nut shell, I'm asking Matthias to keep doing what he has
> been doing, which is to help me keep this project moving forward,
> in compliance with the overall Eclipse development process, and
> represent our committer community to EMO.
> --
> Shawn.
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