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[jgit-dev] [Vote] Matthias Sohn as JGit project lead

I would like to invite Matthias Sohn to be one of the project leads
for JGit.  Apparently you can't do this sort of vote via the portal,
so committers, please reply and +1/-1 if you agree/disagree.

Here's my rationale for why, and why now:

Since the project officially started at Eclipse, Matthias has been
incredibly helpful at trying to keep patches moving through review,
organizing paperwork for the foundation, and helping to keep the
all of the releases somewhat on track.

Right now I think we're largely behaving like Matthias is one of the
project leads for JGit.  I think we should correct the foundation
metadata and make it that way.  If the vote carries I will email EMO,
point to this thread, and ask for the update to be made.

Chris Aniszczyk pointed out there is no practical difference between
project leadership and committer.  Eclipse projects run by committer
consensus, and not "benevolent dictatorship".  But project leads
get the mundane job of maintaining records for EMO, and preparing
docuware for project reviews.  Matthias Sohn has been doing this for
the JGit project for quite some time.

So, in a nut shell, I'm asking Matthias to keep doing what he has
been doing, which is to help me keep this project moving forward,
in compliance with the overall Eclipse development process, and
represent our committer community to EMO.


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