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Re: [jgit-dev] FileNotFoundExceptions when using S3 protocol

This reply might be a bit late for you but your problem sounds very similar to a problem I discovered that was introduced in jgit 0.11.x (ie jgit 0.10.x is OK) and has since been fixed (I think 0.12 is available now).  If you check the repository in your S3 bucket you will probable notice a lot of the files are missing which is what is causing the subsequent clone to fail.  So if you are using jgit 0.11.x then I would be reasonably confident that moving to 0.10.x or 0.12.x and then reinitialising your repository will fix your problem.



On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 5:40 PM, Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm using JGit with the S3 protocol to push a repository to a S3 bucket. In a subsequent clone from that S3 bucket, I get a TransportException caused by a FileNotFoundException. A breakpoint in the debugger reveals that this is caused by a 404 response and the stack-trace appended below.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any hint what I should do to fix this?

Thomas Hallgren

Thread [30528184@qtp-343935649-5] (Suspended (exception FileNotFoundException))
   HttpURLConnection.getInputStream() line: 1401
   HttpURLConnection(HttpURLConnection).getResponseCode() line: 397
   HttpSupport.response(HttpURLConnection) line: 167
   AmazonS3.get(String, String) line: 274
   TransportAmazonS3$ line: 274
   TransportAmazonS3$DatabaseS3(WalkRemoteObjectDatabase).openReader(String) line: 365
   TransportAmazonS3$DatabaseS3(WalkRemoteObjectDatabase).readPackedRefs(Map<String,Ref>) line: 423
   TransportAmazonS3$DatabaseS3.readAdvertisedRefs() line: 300
   TransportAmazonS3.openFetch() line: 192
   FetchProcess.executeImp(ProgressMonitor, FetchResult) line: 125
   FetchProcess.execute(ProgressMonitor, FetchResult) line: 111
   TransportAmazonS3(Transport).fetch(ProgressMonitor, Collection<RefSpec>) line: 1062 line: 136 line: 217

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