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[jgit-dev] FileNotFoundExceptions when using S3 protocol


I'm using JGit with the S3 protocol to push a repository to a S3 bucket. In a subsequent clone from that S3 bucket, I get a TransportException caused by a FileNotFoundException. A breakpoint in the debugger reveals that this is caused by a 404 response and the stack-trace appended below.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any hint what I should do to fix this?

Thomas Hallgren

Thread [30528184@qtp-343935649-5] (Suspended (exception FileNotFoundException))
    HttpURLConnection.getInputStream() line: 1401
    HttpURLConnection(HttpURLConnection).getResponseCode() line: 397
    HttpSupport.response(HttpURLConnection) line: 167
    AmazonS3.get(String, String) line: 274
    TransportAmazonS3$ line: 274
    TransportAmazonS3$DatabaseS3(WalkRemoteObjectDatabase).openReader(String) line: 365
    TransportAmazonS3$DatabaseS3(WalkRemoteObjectDatabase).readPackedRefs(Map<String,Ref>) line: 423
    TransportAmazonS3$DatabaseS3.readAdvertisedRefs() line: 300
    TransportAmazonS3.openFetch() line: 192
    FetchProcess.executeImp(ProgressMonitor, FetchResult) line: 125
    FetchProcess.execute(ProgressMonitor, FetchResult) line: 111
    TransportAmazonS3(Transport).fetch(ProgressMonitor, Collection<RefSpec>) line: 1062 line: 136 line: 217

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