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[jgit-dev] submitting jgit proposals (too) fast

Hi Chris,

I see that it happened now multiple times (e.g.,2635 or ...,2564) to multiple
developers that proposals in jgit/egit have been merged sooner as the
author expected it. It happens quite seldom, but sometimes proposals
get submitted before everybody hat a chance to react on them
("reviewers are not fast enough"). And in other occasions a developer
really wants and expects some comments but the proposal gets too early
submitted ("developer couldn't express that he needs feedback"). Don't
get me wrong: I really like that somebody looks at our open proposals
and submits what's good enough - that's good for some/most of our
proposals and increases our overall speed.

But I think we need some rules to allow that
a) everybody get's a chance to do a review in time and
b) a developer can express that he expects comments

Are there any best practices of other projects which solve this? Some
kind of minimum time a non-trivial proposals should stay in review
(or: before I submit a proposal where there is already another
reviewer I wait at lest 24hours after the last patchset). Or a rule
that authors should vote (-2) on their proposals if they are not sure
whether they are ready for submit.

What's your opinion about that?


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