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[jgit-dev] Verified category on Gerrit Code Review

I just restarted Gerrit with the "Verified" category added back into
the configuration.  Project committers now also need to tick the
verified +1 box to submit a change.  The box was added back to the
configuration to support automated change testing coming from Hudson.
Matthias is configuring a Hudson CI server to download pending
changes, compile and run unit tests, and vote -1 if the build fails.

A -1 in the verified category does not prevent submission of a change.
 But a +1 is required to submit.  This allows a committer to submit a
change that Hudson CI voted -1 on, in case the Hudson system isn't
working right.  We may later revisit this and update the configuration
to make -1 a blocking score (similar to Code Review -2).


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