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[jgit-dev] Tags and branches ar not shown in History View: How to fix it?

There is an open EGit Bug 321502 which IMHO needs to be fixed before the next M2 candidate.
Since Commit 4b679bbef14d5b60fd74ae9123bd7690afb76ae1 (Remove Ref[] from SWTCommit constructor) no branches and tags are shown in the history view anymore.
Our analysis resulted in the following:
Determination of branches and tags is now done in next() of PlotWalk. But this method is never called.
RevCommitList.fillTo() extracts the content out of the PlotWalk without calling next of PlotWalk. In instead uses RevWalk's internal mechanism with a Generator. Therefore determination of branches and tags in next() of PlotWalk is never called.
Do you have any idea how that can be fixed?

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