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[jgit-dev] Handle multiple merge points when searching for common ancestor

Hi all,

Some time ago Stefan Lay create a bug 317934[1] for synchronization
view and its common base ancestor. In this bug report he mention about
'multiple merge bases', to be honest I'm not centrally sure what it
means. But I guesses that 'multiple merge bases' are for eg. merge
commits (when two or more branches are merged) em I right ?

If yes, then RevWalk with RevFilter.MERGE_BASE will return only one
RevCommit object for 'normal' (non merge) commit's. Based on this
assumptions I've implemented searching of common ancestor in
GitBaseResourceVariantTree[2] class and it seams that this works fine.

But I don't know what I should do when there is more than one
RevCommit's in RevWalk, could you help me solve this problem ?


Best regards

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