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[jgit-dev] rename detection working

Folks, we now have rename detection in JGit.  Its working pretty
well already.  It could be faster, blah blah blah, but it seems
pretty solid thus far.

For example:

$ jgit log --name-status --follow builtin/fsck.c | grep ^R
R100	builtin-fsck.c	builtin/fsck.c
R099	fsck.c	builtin-fsck.c
R099	fsck-objects.c	fsck.c
R099	fsck-cache.c	fsck-objects.c


The code to use it is pretty simple.  Assuming you already have a
properly configured TreeWalk for the difference you want to view:

  RenameDetector rd = new RenameDetector(repository);
  List<DiffEntry> files = rd.compute();

And then traverse over that file set.  Since compute can be very
long running (due to the O(N^2) nature of the rename algorithm),
you can also pass it a ProgressMonitor.

Patches are on Gerrit pending review.  Some major highlights from
the series are: : bulk of the rename detector : log --follow


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