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Re: [egit-dev] Re: [jgit-dev] version numbers

onsdagen den 5 maj 2010 11.54.58 skrev  Ferry Huberts:
> > Another scheme (I like is) 0.7.99.x for developement builds. Then the
> > actual release i 0.8.0. The odd-looking version signals to people that
> > this version cannot be trusted to compatibility or reliability.
> That would work as long as you're not changing APIs. Once you're going to
> do a x.99.x.x in which you're breaking APIs you're in conflict with how
> OSGi handles version numbers :-(
> OSGi use (convention) of bundles depends on being able to specify
> [ Changing this for EGit/JGit to [ is
> odd and non-standard use, and therefore asking for trouble IMHO
> I have no solution on how to handle it though, been struggling with this
> myself as well :-(

I don't think those rules are applicable for development builds. 

-- robin

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