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RE: [jgit-dev] Re: Gerrit offline for JGit rewrite

"Shawn O. Pearce" <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Oh.  Something else...
> When I insert the rewrite, inline comments are going to be screwed up.
>  Inline comments are recorded by line numbers.  Most files have gained
> 5+ lines in their file header.  Without knowing the delta of the
> header for each file in every commit, we can't adjust the inline
> comment information in the review database.

Inline comments on my last pushed change (#315) have disappeared.
In the patch set overview it is correctly reported how many inline comments there are
for each file. However, If I open any of the files the inline comments are
not shown.

In this particular case it is not a big issue since I could remember all of the Shawn's


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