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[jgit-dev] Re: Gerrit offline for JGit rewrite

"Shawn O. Pearce" <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm going to take Gerrit offline for a bit while I finish the JGit
> history rewrite and update the database with the new versions of
> each patch.
> I'll email again when its back online.  Hopefully no more than
> 3-4 hours of downtime.  gitweb and anonymous git:// will still
> be available during the outage.

Uhmmm.  This is going to take a lot longer than originally expected.
2 things happened that is forcing me to recompute the rewrite:

1) Two changes had new patches uploaded.  I tried to write a script
   to fix only these 7 commits... and almost succeeded, but then
   I realized I was working with an older version of the rewrite
   history (the one missing the <?xml tags in the poms).

2) The rewrite script produces a data file of oldcommit=newcommit
   which I planned to use to update Gerrit Code Review's database
   tables.  That data file was wrong as the oldcommit data was from
   one of the prior rewrite attempts and *not* from the current
   project history.

So I just restarted the rewrite task.  It takes about 7.5 hours on
the system is running on.

I restarted Gerrit and reconfigured the JGit project to reject new
uploads from everyone until the rewrite is done and has been moved
into place.  The EGit project is however still open for updates.


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