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RE: [egit-dev] RE: [jgit-dev] now running smart HTTP


I have news on this topic. I was always able to clone our jgit repo with the EGit Plugin and
plain http (no user/pwd specified in the clone wizard). The same operation failed consistently
when I specified user/password. Today things changed: I can now clone the jgit repo with http
and user/password specified as long as I am not going through our companies proxy. When I clone
from home everything works, when I clone from work and I have to specify a proxy in
"Preferences->Network Connections" I get the old 
error: "http://christian.halstrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/r/p/jgit.git git-upload-pack not permitted"

And yes, I have set the proxy correctly. When I receive this error I always doublecheck and
try to clone with exactly the same parameters but leaving out the specification of
user/password ... und this works.

I was always assuming that somehow the password that I am using is wrong, but since I can now
clone with this user/password as long as there is no proxy this can't be true.

Of course my interest here is not that I can clone with http and user/password but that I can
push afterwards. 

URI: http://christian.halstrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/r/p/jgit.git
Plugin Version used:


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