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[jgit-dev] FYI, history rewrite coming

Looks like we need to rewrite the complete JGit history.  The EMO
IP team isn't happy with our header.  They want a header that looks
like the standard EPL file header, but s/EPL/EDL/.

I've already tried to push back once and demand that the header look
*much* different from the standard EPL file header.  They returned
with a request for the standard EPL file header, but s/EPL/EDL/,
and with the EDL attached below.


That means I need to go run filter-branch with a magic edit script
to edit all of the JGit files, in every revision, before we can
distribute from

Apparently the template they have requested also requires us to
list all contributors in the header, above the license.  That is
going to be ugly for some files.  Nobody keeps that stuff current.
That's what the #@**! VCS is for.

<whine format="irc">

/me is not happy about moving JGit to


This is going to have to wait a while.  I don't currently have
time to burn to make some lawyers happy with a slightly different
header text.  If that means we miss the next project release review
window, so be it.


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