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[jgit-dev] Re: iplog for JGit

Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Do you think that we should add some notion of meta tags to the XSD, so  
> you can capture this sort of extra information?
> From an IPLog POV, 0.7.0 is interesting, the Git commit id is not. But I 
> can see how it might be interesting to some.

OK, I see your point.

How about:

* version attribute = "0.7.0"
* asof attribute = "git commit id or svn id or cvs label/timestamp"
?  Would that work better?

The reason I care about recording the Git commit number into the JGit
IP log is... our IP log isn't dynamic.  Its produced as a snapshot
right now from our source tree, and uploaded into the web area.
So there is a good chance its actually a little bit out of date.
I want to make it clear in the XML data itself what the quality
of the IP log is, so the reader can better judge if the log is
sufficient for their needs.

For a final release IP log, JGit would publish both version and
asof as "0.7.0".  But draft logs would be version="0.7.0" and


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