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[jgit-dev] Re: iplog for JGit

"Shawn O. Pearce" <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Chris" hasCommits="true" id="zx" lastName="Aniszczyk"/>
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Christian" hasCommits="true" id="christian.halstrick" lastName="Halstrick"/>
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Gunnar" hasCommits="false" id="gunnar" lastName="Wagenknecht"/>
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Matthias" hasCommits="true" id="msohn" lastName="Sohn"/>
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Robin" hasCommits="true" id="robinrosenberg" lastName="Rosenberg"/>
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Shawn" hasCommits="true" id="spearce" lastName="Pearce"/>
>   <iplog:committer active="true" firstName="Stefan" hasCommits="false" id="stefanlay" lastName="Lay"/>

Also, what is the definition of active for a committer?
Is active "made a commit in last 6 months" ?
Or is it "committer status has not been revoked" ?

Currently I'm using the latter definition in the export.


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