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[jgit-dev] manifest first build requires maven3?

Apparently if we continue down this track of manifest-first build
process changes[1] we are going to force all of our downstream
consumers to also run Maven 3 and Tycho just to include our JARs
into their build?

E.g. I just built JGit and deployed it into a temporary repository
at file:/tmp/jgit.maven, and then tried to consume this within
Gerrit Code Review, and Maven 2 freaked out:

  [INFO] Error building POM (may not be this project's POM).

  Project ID: org.eclipse.jgit:jgit-parent

  Reason: Cannot find layout implementation corresponding to:
  'p2' for remote repository with id: 'galileo'. for project

This is really annoying.  I'm not thrilled about breaking our
downstream consumers' builds just so they can continue to use JGit
while we use OSGi manifests as the primary build interface.

This actually makes me want to switch to maven-bundle-plugin[2],
because at least then our Maven repository is still usuable as a
Maven repository...



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