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[jetty-users] Regarding Class def not found in runtime


I have recently upgraded the jetty server from 9.4.52 to 12.0.4 ee8. I have made configuration changes and using ee8 webAppContext. While working with a websocket client I have observed an issue as class def not found.

I have found issue for this line,


WARN :oejen.HttpChannel:qtp1873859565-26: handleException /server/realtime java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/jetty/util/ssl/SslContextFactory

After this my websocket client init process is not moving forward, I have tried creating a HttpClient object and setting sslContextFactory to it, later passing it on WebSocketClient constructor argument.

While trying this, the same warning appeared for the HttpClient class.

I have added all jetty ee8 websocket modules to start.jar, additionally tried adding jetty-util and jetty-client jar in lib/ext to bring them into classpath.

In this case can you advice me how should I move forward?


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