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[jetty-users] Announcing Eclipse Jetty 12.0.5, 11.0.19, and 10.0.19 releases

Of special note: The Eclipse Jetty project has its own top level Github Organization, and various repositories are in process of being moved / renamed.
Special thanks goes out to the Eclipse Foundation for helping us secure this top level organization name.

The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of ..
  •  Eclipse Jetty 12.0.5
  •  Eclipse Jetty 11.0.19
  •  Eclipse Jetty 10.0.19
These releases include a number of bug fixes and improvements.

See the github release pages for changelog.

This release is available on the Eclipse Jetty project download page or from the Maven Central repository:

Documentation for this release can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:

If you find any issues with this release, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:

Commercial production and development support for Jetty is offered through Webtide (
Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,
The Jetty Development Team

Eclipse Jetty 12.0.4

== Special Thanks to the following Eclipse Jetty community members for their contributions in this release ==

@garydgregory (Gary Gregory)
@chadlwilson (Chad Wilson)

Joakim Erdfelt / joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx

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