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[jetty-users] How to Jetty server listen on multiple IP addresses


This is about Jetty's SSL server bind port. 

By default, SSL server listen at all ip address on the host.


Our host have multiple network devices, each device has different ip address.

Security team want we do not want jetty to listen on unnecessary network device(ip address).

Here is ssl.ini file. If I set hostname or ip address, Jetty listen on 

that specific address.


# ---------------------------------------

# Module: ssl

# Enables a TLS(SSL) Connector on the server.

# This may be used for HTTPS and/or HTTP2 by enabling

# the associated support modules.

# ---------------------------------------


### TLS(SSL) Connector Configuration

## Connector host/address to bind to`hostname`

Requirement is we want this configuration flexible. For example, we want to

listen on multiple addresses on the interface.

This kind of setting is not valid."host_a,host_b,localhost"

How can I enable listen(bind) on multiple host address ? 


 Specify multiple network device to listen on

 Specify range of ip address to listen on

 Specify hostname+localhost to listen on


Iori Honda

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