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[jetty-users] Virtual Host configuration

I have questions about configuring virtual hosts on my Ubuntu 18.04 cloud server. Jetty was installed from the repository.

I would like to have Jetty host two domain names. Let's call one and the other I thought for starters I'd simply have two static sites, each with its own index.htm saying "Welcome to DomainA" and "Welcome to DomainB" respectively.

Thus, for my system (as installed via the Ubuntu repository), I'm assuming it would be valid to place the web content as follows:


The manual,, has an example in the section "Using Different Sets of Virtual Hosts to Select Different Contexts".

OK, here are my somewhat embarrassing questions:

(1) The xml file examples are not given names. Is there an expected name or can they be named anything as long as they are in the correct directory location?

(2) I'm pretty sure the xml file or files should be placed in /var/lib/jetty9/webapps. Correct? The manual says the files should go to $JETTY_HOME/webapps which ultimately resolves to this location. (JETTY_HOME is defined in a systemd jetty9.service file, and it contains a symlink to the above.)

(3) The examples only show war files being set up. Can a static site, an index.htm be designated instead? Is there a different property or method to invoke for this?


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