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[jetty-users] Getting FastCGI response back from FastCGI application

I am new to Jetty and am trying to configure an Embedded Jetty web server to do FastCGI.

My Jetty Web Server configuration is as follows:

Server server = new Server(SERVERPORT);

ServletHandler handler = new ServletHandler();

//Setup proxy servlet
ServletContextHandler context = new ServletContextHandler(handler, "/");
ServletHolder proxyServlet = new ServletHolder(FastCGIProxyServlet.class);
proxyServlet.setInitParameter("proxyTo", "");
proxyServlet.setInitParameter("prefix", "/");
proxyServlet.setInitParameter("scriptRoot", "com.example.myapplication");

context.addServlet(proxyServlet, "/*");

It is able to send the HTTP request to my FastCGI application but I am unable to get the response from my FastCGI application.

I am also getting an error on my FastCGI application because I have not flushed the outputstream. 

My FastCGI application works with a lighttpd web server but not with this Jetty Server so I believe it has to do with the way the Jetty Server is configured. Any help?


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