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[jetty-users] Jetty 8.1.12 with JDK11

Hi Team,

Currently we are using Jetty 8.1.12 with JDK8. We are migrating to JDK11. As per this documentation, Jetty 9.4.12 onward it is fully compatible with JDK11. (Also as per this, they encourage old jetty users to upgrade to latest version as soon as possible). Because of dependency on some classes which are absent in Jetty 9.4.x, we can’t move from 8.1.12 straight forwardly. 

I wanted to know if anyone has faced any issue with Jetty 8.1.12 and JDK11 or not. And if yes, do you have list of known compatibility issues and any guidance for the same?

Also, while migrating to Jetty 9.4.18. I am facing following issues:

1) we are using  org.eclipse.jetty.server.AsyncContinuation. Which is not present in Jetty 9.4.18
2) We are using AbstractHttpConnection.   specifically AbstractHttpConnection.getCurrentConnection() method. Which is not present in Jetty 9.4.18.
3) We are using which is not present in Jetty 9.4.18.
4) we are using connector.getConnection() method. which is not present in Connector class in Jetty 9.4.18.


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