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Re: [jetty-users] No subject alternative DNS name matching xxx found.

Hello all,

Another followup on the same topic: triggering a SslContextFactory.reload on the server consistently and immediately triggers the problem on the client side, restarting the server is close to 100% (seems timing related). I was still leaning toward something fishy in the client code or even the JDK11 SSL client socket code but now I am almost certain this is going awry on the server side.

Still JDK11 on both client and server side and Jetty 9.4.14.v20181114 server, using domain names that are covered by wildcard certificates.

I am busy setting up a server with 9.4.11 and JDK8 to see what happens there but since I am packed it may take another week or so to get results.

I will keep you posted.

One addition: this morning I replaced the keystore file on one of the servers because some almost-expired certificates had been updated and subsequently triggered a SslContextFactory.reload through the application. Within 15 minutes the logging showed about two dozen failed requests. Then it silently went away. May be a coincidence of course.


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