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[jetty-users] No subject alternative DNS name matching xxx found.

Hello all,

I am using Jetty 9.4.14 on multiple servers. On one of my servers I get heaps of SSLHandshakeException errors. They occur with different domain names for which I do have valid certificates in my keystore. I am using Jetty SNI and have dozens of certificates in my keystore. I use the same keystore (JKS format) on all my servers but only one server shows this behaviour. Strangely enough, these errors only occur with requests that are sent from Java applications, either from the server process itself or from one of my other servers. This started occurring about a week ago, long after I upgraded to Jetty 9.4.14. The only thing that changed in the meantime is the SSL-keystore that has grown.

Does this ring any bells? Has anyone experienced similar problems? I have tried restarting the process, server etc. but that only helps for a short while.

Any pointers would be welcome.

Kind regards,


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