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[jetty-users] Help understanding log messages

I'm a bit puzzled by some messages I see in my jetty.log files (Jetty 9.4.6) which look like this:

2018-04-17 18:42:30.803:INFO:oejshC.ROOT:qtp30728890-4405: Login: node01ouqe3mcfxfm61cjjsyrcdn6gw468

I see these at irregular intervals at all times of day, including in the wee small hours when there are no requests in the request log for an hour or two either side.

Since the server isn't started by root, and uses a custom login method, why does it all mean? I presume qtpXXXis a thread ID, but what does ROOT refer to in this context, which class is oejshC that is emitting this, and what does nodeXXX refer to?

I used Jetty 8 until fairly recently and don't recall seeing anything like this then...

Thanks to anyone who can explain this for me!
John English

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