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[jetty-users] Force webapp to use different javax.mail from that one included in lib/jndi

Hi all jetty-users,

I'm quite newbie in Jetty, I've used Tomcat for many years, I would like to know the best practice to force my webapp to use javax.mail 1.5.5 since it is using javax.mail.glassfish-1.4.1.v201005082020.jar found on /srv/jetty/lib/jndi of jetty 9.3.10.

I don't believe it is safe replace that version with that one wanted by my webapplication, is it true?

At last if the best practice was to update the jar leaving it where it is, then should I remove that dependency from my webapp, in a way that in WEB-INF/lib it shouldn't be present?

Really thanks in advance, best regards

Raffaele Gambelli

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