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[jetty-users] war deploys every time i start the jetty server


I am trying to develop an application and using embedded jetty. And also have a war file with some servlets inside it. I want to keep them separate but also to run in the same container. I managed to add and deploy the war but it will be deployed inside the tmp folder every time with a different name from the folder containing the webbapp. My actual problem is that every time i close the server it will delete the previously deployed files leaving me with an almost empty folder (the lib folder will still be there with all the libs inside it) and when i start the server again it will redeploy my war file again in the temp folder. Is there some parameter to stop the deployment if the war is already in the temp folder?

I googled for some time now and i came accros this WebAppContext.setPersistTempDirectory(true) but, I use an in house Injection container that starts the jetty server and my application i cannot add or modify things inside it. Is there any configuration parameter which will have the same functionality so i won't have to do it programmatically?

Thank you and if you need any additional information you can just reply to this e-mail.

Have a great day,

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