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Re: [jetty-users] How to override logback.version ?


I think we have made a mistake of using


instead of


as the later allows for the property to be overridden in the command line or in another module.

Note that for the current release, the simplest approach to take is to copy the logback-impl.mod from the jetty distribution into your $JETTY_BASE/modules and modify it as need be.  If you are supplying the jars yourself, then you can remove the Files section as well.


On 21 April 2017 at 10:58, Tom Zeller <tzeller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In 9.4, is it possible to override logback.version from the command
line or via .ini or module files in jetty.base ?

The only way I have found is to copy
jetty.home/modules/logback-impl.mod to jetty.base and change
logback.version there. It seems that properties specified in [ini]
declarations are not overridable.

I ask because we supply a later version of logback in our product.

And, as a follow up, I guess I am curious why Jetty pins a specific
version of logback. That wasn't the case in 9.3, AFAIK. Ideally
logback.version would be '*'.

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