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Re: [jetty-users] another SSL configuration issue / Cannot recover key

I have run into the same thing on my production Jetty server that handles SSL, but since I have a simple workaround, I haven't really looked into why this is happening.

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Le 06/04/2017 à 12:58, mh@xxxxxxx a écrit :
> After starting Jetty I have the following error:
> Cannot recover key
> Is there a password madness I would not be aware of ?
> Thanks,

I finally found something that work but I can't explain why it doesn't make it without it.

I've uncommented:

jetty.sslContext.keyManagerPassword and set it to the same pass phrase as KeyStorePassword (In reality it seems keyManagerPassword is used to decrypt the private key)

What I don't understand is per documentation

    The password that is passed to the KeyManagerFactory.init(...). If there is no keymanagerpassword, then the keystorepassword is used instead. If there is no trustmanager set, then the keystore is used as the trust store and the keystorepassword is used as the truststore password.

So to me, if both the private key and keystore password are the same, I should be able to set KeyStorePassword only ?

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