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[jetty-users] best practices to start and stop jetty 9.4 from the command line


I'm coming from tomcat and giving a try to jetty.
I'm used to tomcat's handy wrappers to catalina
that allow me to run (in the background) and stop tomcat from the
command line at any time.

I followed the documentation at

Used --add-to-start=http,deploy to create a base dir

Then used --add-to-start=jvm So I'm able to alter jvm.ini param,
especially '-Xmx' kind of parameters, which imply to include --exec too.

At this point, still from the command line, the only way to start jetty
in the background is to use screen or nohup so processes aren't killed
when exiting the shell.

Two questions:
1) What's the best way to start (and stop) jetty in the background with
-X / --exec parameters and still being able to exit the shell ?
2) Am I forced to have two processes when in need to add -X parameters ?


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