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[jetty-users] Creating Jetty Modules - Required Files and Directories

As far as I can tell, the only documentation for Modules is this page:

It would be helpful to have a module-creation focused page, presumably
in Jetty Development Guide, to describe the different options and
recommended approaches. (At the moment I'm poking through existing
modules to figure out how they work, but this isn't efficient.)

For the [files] section, the docs only list two options - directories
and downloads - but it appears possible to copy files using
basehome:src|dest and maven:group/artifact/version|dest too.

I'm guessing the documentation is simply out of date rather than these
being unsupported?

Another option that would be helpful is populating a directory from a
zip file (or any standard archive format).

So if you specified "|directory/" it would
create the directory and put the contents of the zip in it, or with
"extract:https://server/src.tgz|directory/" it'd do the same for a


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