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Re: [jetty-users] Reverse proxy with WebSocket support

Hi Simone,

> AsyncProxyServlet handles HTTP only.
> You would need to write a WebSocket proxy, which we have not done in Jetty.
> The idea would be to use a standard WebSocket endpoint on the server;
> when that endpoint starts receiving WebSocket frames, you will use a
> WebSocket client to forward them to the right backend.

all fine.
I found this one [1] (and related files), that seems to implement this already.

Do you know if there is already some work / plans on WebSocket proxy
support for Jetty?

> What you describe is basically a simple load balancer.
> As such an alternative solution could be using HAProxy.
> If choosing the backend is done with a simple logic, perhaps it's a
> better solution.

Will have a look at, thank you.

Best regards,


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