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[jetty-users] Reverse proxy with WebSocket support

I used Jetty for a "simple" reverse proxy.

I used a Filter that looks for every request, if there is a "forward
url" attribute present in the current session.

If there is no such attribute, the user is redirected to a login page.
If the login has been successful, a "forward url" attribute with a
value that depends on the login credential is added to the session.
forward url for user1:
forward url for user2:

If the attribute is present, a subclass of AsyncProxyServlet is used
to handle the request.
If takes the forward url value and the request URI and builds a
rewrite target URL.
rewritten target for user1:
rewritten target for user1:

So, the reverse proxy fetch the content depend on the login the from
different hosts.

This seems to be working as expected.

But it seems to fail for WebSockets.
I don't know how to start and how to fix that.
Is this something to configure?
Do I need to overwrite some methods?

Best regards,

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