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Re: [jetty-users] Issues with Jetty 9.4 session IDs

To clarify my previous post: Jetty seems to append a dot and the worker name to the subsequent session IDs (created from requests originatin in the server itself). It does not do this when the requests come from the outside.

Since I set the workername to empty to get rid of the worker name prefix this results in only a dot being appended.

To double-check I tested with a build that reverts to 9.3 and it is definitely a 9.4 issue.



On 01/04/2017 12:28 PM, Silvio Bierman wrote:
Hello all,

I have an issue with session IDs generated by Jetty in my application that embeds Jetty 9.4.

Initially I had the problem that Jetty prepends a worker name into the session ID. Someone here suggested I override the session ID generation (which I already do in clustered mode). But setting the worker name to an empty string appeared to work fine so I went for that.

But: on subsequent sessions that are generated by requests that come from the server itself Jetty appends a single dot (.) to newly created session IDs. Many URL handling user code (which I have limited influence on) is not prepared for this so many user scripts no longer work.

I attempted to resolve this by overriding DefaultSessionIdManager#newSessionId after all and explicitly filtering out the dot. But to my surprise the session ID returned from there does not contain a dot. Instead it is appended at some later stage.

How can I get full control over session ID generation to get rid of any session id decoration?

Thanks in advance,



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